Award Winning Book by Oleg Kush and Vladimir Kush
Vladimir Kush and Oleg Kush
FAIRY TALES: Award Winning Book by Oleg Kush and Vladimir Kush
Publisher: Kush Fine Art
Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 1/3
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Written and illustrated by Vladimir and Oleg Kush for children and adults including 1&0, Lion & Mouse, Aries the Sheep and other Fairy Tales. Metaphor has a lot in common with a story of fairy tale. It can be said that fairy tales use metaphor as a device to help make a point.  In a story, metaphor can connect the world of humans, say, to the world of animals. In this kind of play-acting, readers can recognize an aspect of human behavior without facing it head on.

This story book has grown as a separate branch grafted on the big tree of metaphorical realism. For ten long years it has been cherished and tended to by author Oleg Kush, with the approval of the "head arborist" of the metaphorical tree - the artist, Vladimir Kush, who created the illustrations to accompany these tales. Now, the reader is invited to taste the fruits of the labors presented.